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Day: March 28, 2018

What makes 4 Cheeky Monkeys Special

Yay our first blog!!!

I’ve been putting this off for so long, unsure of what to write, I’ve been reading business books and childcare magazines for ideas and inspiration.

After chatting with a friend recently she advised me to think about your unique selling point (USP) and sell/push that. So here we go…
 I think our USP is Lesley.

Yep that’s right I’m going to sell my mum…any offers??

All joking aside, she really is the heart of what makes 4 Cheeky Monkeys as amazing as it is.

I recently wrote a post on Facebook about her and my secret superstition she might actually be super woman!
We’d spent all weekend at 4 Cheeky Monkeys cleaning, tidying and sorting, not getting home Saturday and Sunday night until gone 7.40pm. On the Monday morning she woke not feeling 100%, left the house at 7.45am, finished sorting the room (which we’d left a right mess), she salted the icy path and then busied herself making sure everyone had a lovely morning.
We had fantastic feedback on our Facebook page following this post from the people that come to 4 Cheeky Monkeys about her, with comments like these:

  • Yes xx Lesley is a star xx
  • Yep she certainly is and also been my little rock. Thanks Lesley xxx
  • She’s amazing! Love her, very welcoming
  • Lesley is such a wonderful lady xxxx
  • Lovely caring lady. I’m glad you appreciate her. She works so very hard to make all the children safe and happy at 4CM xxx
  • She’s a superwoman/mother Hubbard all in one does everything for everyone else and never moans you’re a gem Lesley, one of a kind xxx
  • Definitely….your mum is a star xxx
  • A truly lovely lady with a massive heart of gold xx

We’re closed at the moment we reopen on Monday 9th April and I just want to shout out to anyone that hasn’t been before and reassure you, please come along to a session you will be in such good hands. Lesley really cares about everyone and goes above and beyond to make sure 4 Cheeky Monkeys is the best it can be.

See you soon xx

PS cash offers will be considered