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Be Sun Safe Everyone

The sun has got his hat on hip, hip, hip, hooray the sun has got his hat and he’s coming out to play!!!

Don’t we just love it when it’s sunny!!! Everything seem’s so much happier, cleaner, brighter and all round just brilliant.

It’s so important to be safe in the sun and a topic that, as a family, is close to our hearts. The man in the centre of our family picture (my dad) sadly passed away just over 8 years ago from melanoma skin cancer.

Please let’s all stay safe in this gorgeous sunshine.

Burning your skin and not using correct protection is so very dangerous. I had planned on writing a long post about sun cream but while researching the subject I found this NHS link and it covers everything.

There’s a small video to watch too, covering staying safe in the sun and it’s only 3 minutes long.

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