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Five Cheeky Monkeys Number Rhyming Set

Five Cheeky Monkeys Number Rhyming Set
£39.54 from Early Years Resources

This set includes the following:
• 1 crocodile finger puppet.
• 5 monkey finger puppets.
• An A6 illustrated rhyme card with activity suggestion on the reverse.
• A silky shiny fabric bag which opens out to create a 60cm circular play pond.

When we received this set at 4 Cheeky Monkeys we knew it would be popular. We obviously love anything ‘monkey related’ plus singing and dancing’s our favourite.

The finger puppets are the perfect size for children’s little fingers to explore and investigate.

The activity was an immediate success used both by individual children and small groups (we even caught a few adults having a closer look at the puppets when their children had gone to play elsewhere).

Parents and our centre manager sang the song for children who hadn’t heard it before and it’s became a popular, interactive activity engaging both adults and children.

This activity encourages: speech, language, number skills, problem solving, fine motor skills, builds imagination plus so much more. Children have enjoyed playing with it alone and with other children.

This set would be great in the car to entertain children while you’re driving or equally in the evening as part of your bedtime routine.



Parent/carer feedback:
‘Great interactive activity. I feel it would be a lot better if maybe there was a tree and maybe some extra blue cloth to go in the swamp for water effect. Really enjoyed singing the song with my grandchildren.’

‘Lovely puppet set. My little girl is 3 years old and was excited to see the puppets. She was enthusiastic to play with them. She joined in with singing the song and used her hands to show how many monkeys were left. She also liked to hide the monkeys under the cloth, great activity – may invest in one myself for bedtime stories.’

‘Great interaction between myself and my daughter! She loved the crocodile ‘eating’ her fingers with the puppets on. You’ll be able to have a good laugh and good sing along with these.’

‘Loved this to sing along and act out the crocodile snapping at the monkeys! Lots of fun to be had!’

‘The monkeys and the crocodile is a good toy, it engages little ones with counting, singing. The puppet element works well with my 2.5 year old. More props would be beneficial to help with imaginative play: blue cloth for water, a different textured cloth for the tree. This would engage more sensory elements for younger children.’

‘ Having done this activity it was fun and my little one really enjoyed it.’

From 4 Cheeky Monkeys: ‘A huge thank you to Early Years Resources we’ve enjoyed having this activity out in our sessions. Listening to the children/adults singing, interacting together, laughing and ultimately having lots of fun has been a joy.’


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