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Dinosaur Weaving Frames Special Offer Set

The Dinosaur Weaving Frames Special Offer Set from Early Years Resources

This set includes the following frames:
• Pterodactyl Weaving Frame
• T Rex Weaving Frame
• Stegosaurus Weaving Frame.
(The dinosaurs are also available individually. )

When these arrived at 4 Cheeky Monkeys we were really impressed by the size and quality of the frames.

At first we puzzled how best to set up the activity, our building has wooden beams on the ceiling so we decided to attach string to a beam and dangle the frame: this meant children could come and go as they wanted and access both sides of the frame. You could also do this with a hook attached to a door frame (perfect for a childminder/parent/carer)

We had a few ribbons tied onto the top of the frame so that children could weave these as and when they wished, and then lots of loose ribbon for them to choose from.

The activity was an immediate success used both by individual children and small groups (we even caught a few adults weaving when their children had gone to play elsewhere).

Weaving is all about the process and not the end product, children needed very little support once shown what to do.
Look at this fabulous T-Rex the children collectively worked on during our Wednesday morning stay and play


The children’s efforts are clearly displayed, what a colourful result.

It was lovely to hear from a grandmother that attended a morning session and later told us… while waiting to go into nursery school her granddaughter had said the willow structure in the nursery school garden looked like the weaving she had done that morning because the branches went in and out of each other.

Weaving proved rich in extending language and communication, especially when adults were present to facilitate it, using words such as in, out, forward, backwards, through, front, back, over, short, long. You could use words such as horizontal and vertical with slightly older children.

When group weaving older children (aged 4) worked together pushing the ribbons back and forth through the holes to each other problem solving and communicating together.














Parent/carer feedback:

‘my 4 year old really enjoyed threading the dinosaur – she liked choosing the different ribbons/crepe paper and it kept her attention for a long time. She said it was great!’

‘Ava enjoyed picking out different colours and textures of ribbons, beads and chains. She pointed out that it was a dinosaur underneath it all. She spent a good 20 minutes doing this activity, fab.’

‘My son loved this, he roared all the way through it and said he was talking to the dinosaur because they were friends’

‘What a fantastic activity I’m a childminder and it was lovely to do an activity that all the children in my care engaged in. It was brilliant to observe each child’s fine motor skills and problem solving especially the older children helping and explaining to the younger ones what they needed to do. Thank you for providing amazing educational activities. We love it here’

From 4 Cheeky Monkeys: ‘A huge thank you to Early Years resources we’ve enjoyed having these out in our sessions and we’re looking forward to using the frames in our outdoor play (once dry weather arrives) threading twigs, long grass, plant stems, bendy sticks and pipe cleaners.’

The 22 Bees Project

We were over the moon to ‘Bee’ part of The 22 Bee Project this week

Huge thank you to the lovely Amber for our artwork

4 Cheeky Monkeys loves MCR, 22 never forgotten, #standtogether

The early days
The early days

That was when I started to look for help and support…

I started Googling and emailing everyone and anyone I thought might be able to help which is how I found the amazing Ralph Rudden.

Ralph was the first person (out of many) to agree to meet up with me and hear about my crazy plan for the run down, derelict scout hut building. We met at the sun shine cafe where he listened to me waffled on about how amazing our project was going to be but (then in a quiet voice I mentioned) how we’d run out of money.

Ralph said not to worry he knew two people I needed to meet with, Andy Hemming from Unltd and Dan Shelston from Trafford Housing Trust.

Ralph has continued to supported us, pointing us in the right direction whenever we’re stuck, he’s such a generous man he always has time to listen and has remained interested in our plans since that very first meeting.

Andy put me forward for the Unltd ‘Do it’ application for £5000. Meeting him was such a big boost in the right direction, the first time I showed him the building I remember he said to me ‘Jeneane, it doesn’t matter what it looks like now, it matters what you’re going to do with it and what you’re going to achieve. We’re investing in you as a person because we believe you’ll be able to do this.’ That has stayed with me five years on, that first conversation gave me the confidence and reassurance that what we we’re doing would work and that other people could see the potential and vision I had. It’s now 2018 and Andy’s on-going support (and gardening business meetings) and advise are invaluable to 4 Cheeky Monkeys.

Dan recommended us for THT’s ‘Give and Gain’ day. Once they were both involved people were happy to invest, support and match fund. Dan Shelton’s, an absolute legend, I’m so very grateful for all his help and advice. I apologise for the millions of emails and questions I bombarded you with on a weekly basis in the early days.

At the same time as meeting Ralph I also felt stuck as to what to do with our setting…should we be a charity, a private business, hand it over to someone else that would then let us run it.

A lady at Blue Orchid gave me the details of an accountant based in Sale that specialized in CIC’s, I met with her and she explained all our options and we decided a CIC would be best for us.

Brooks Institute closed around the time of these meetings and once Unltd awarded the £5000 they we’re happy to match fund via a grant application.

It’s from here the ball started rolling and 4 Cheeky Monkeys became what it is today.

The individuals that have helped since the start getting involved around the same time as Ralph, Andy and Dan have been:

Cllr Rob Chilton he has been very helpful, kind and approachable his advice has been fantastic especially when I’ve had to communicate with Trafford Council.

Mike Morin from MoforLess he has done a lot of our ground work (football area, pram store, growing area…) if anything happens we can’t fix ourselves its Mike we contact. Thank you Mike.

Tom Rock and his team at Rock paving they did an amazing job of our grounds and we’re forever grateful.


Above is everyone listed from 2012 to opening in 2104. We’ve had masses of support, grants, funding, donations, volunteers since and I just want to thank everyone. We really appreciate it and wouldn’t be what we are without you all.


There’s never “a perfect time”
There’s never “a perfect time”

Lets start at the beginning

Gosh it seems so long ago..

I know lots of you will have read this before so I’ll try and throw in a few bits you don’t know rather than the professional “We set up 4 Cheeky Monkeys as we were disappointed at the lack of affordable, supportive, daily, accessible amenities for families within the Sale area”…which is 100% true but I’ll make  the following a bit more informal.

Back in 2008 I started a Foundation degree in Early Years Child Hood studies, at the time everyone thought I was a bit crazy due to the fact I worked full time as a childminder, I was a single mum of two boys (my youngest was 8 months old) and my parents we’re very poorly, they both had cancer.

I remember my tutor asking me if I really thought I should be enrolling, I said yes because there’s never “a perfect time” to do anything – you can’t ever predict what’s round the corner. The course was hard but I enjoyed every minute and I learnt so much.

Sadly my dad passed away during my final year.

Once my course was complete (I passed YAY) health wise my mum was better and in remission, she registered as my assistant and we worked together childminding.

I always spoke to my mum about how important I thought toddlers groups were but I found:

  • The boys would just run round the open space not really engaging in anything.
  • The toys often didn’t have batteries in or were broken.
  • I had noticed the adults didn’t engage with their children (at all!) it was more of an adults social. I know I have done this as a mum a few times however I wasn’t a mum in these situations I was being paid to do a job, looking after the children in my care, so I would sit on the floor and play with them and generally be where they were.
  • None of the groups had outdoor play and my children (childminded and my own) thrived in outdoor play.

It was through these conversations we started to discuss opening our own group or just a bigger setting to childmind in, my two bed house just wasn’t big enough.
We looked at a couple of buildings in Sale however the old scout hut on Dawlish Road kept popping back up in the conversations we had.
Finding out who owned the building took about 6 months, no one seemed to know who it belonged too, I contacted Trafford Council, the scouting association, the local parish church and then Trafford Council again.
Finally they found it did belong to Trafford Council and we arranged to view it, this is what it looked like, not our first visit and believe it or not this was after some work had been done…

Honestly its only now looking back I see what a state it was in, back then we were over the moon.

We could see so much potential in the setting, we could vision what it would be like, I don’t think I registered just how derelict it had become over the 18 years it had been closed.

Once the council had agreed we could buy the property I took people down to see it – they looked at me as if was crazy.

Undeterred by our friends lack of excitement we started the renovations using our own personal savings, which wasn’t very much when you look at the work the property needed, as you can imagine it ran out in no time.

That was when I started to look for help and support… (to be continued in our next blog)

Video blog post

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